Forms & Documents | Girl Scouts of Suffolk County
Forms and Documents
For Troop Volunteers: 11 Available
  1. Report an accident/injury occurring at a GS activity.
  2. All requests are done in the order they are received.
  3. Must be submitted for overnight trips for 2+ days.
  4. Pay your Troop bill for Cookies/Nuts
  5. Request use of our Council facilities for activities.
  6. Pay Troop's tag-along insurance annually
  7. Submit for trips outside normal meetings
  8. Only For Juniors & Up
  9. Troop Roster form for Trip Approval requests
  10. Volunteers to submit their certification
For Girls & Families: 7 Available
  1. Parental Permission for Unscheduled Activities w/Troop
  2. Apply for aid for Girl Scout membership / expenses.
  3. Girl Scouts Health History Info for Troop
  4. Parental agreement for Girl Scout to participate.
  5. Parental Permission for Scheduled Activities w/ Troop
  6. Immunization Exemption Waiver
  7. Agreement from for Troop Leader and Parent/Caregiver
For SU Coordinators: 1 Available
  1. Annual Financial Report for Service Units