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For Cookie Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to support your Troop’s Girl Scout Cookie program. Because of you, girls gain important skills that will help them become the leaders of tomorrow. The Girl Scout Cookie program is a great way to help girls of all ages to earn money towards all of their fun Girl Scout adventures… and it's a hands-on, leadership and entrepreneurial opportunity which teaches girls the five skills needed in both life and business.

Top five reasons you should participate in the Cookie Program:

Life Skills: The Cookie program helps you and your girls develop leadership skills for life, including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

It’s EASY to participate: Your Troop Cookie Manager can access VIP eTraining, eBudde, and resources for girls to track and manage their businesses.

Financial Support for Fun Troop Activities: Your troop will earn funds to help offset the cost of activities & so much more! In the process, girls gain skills to be financially savvy.

Girls can earn fabulous rewards: Rewards help girls set goals.

Many successful businesswomen say they got their start selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Update About The Adventurefuls™ Cookie

Thank you for a successful start to our Girl Scout Cookie Season.  As we enter our third cookie season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are no strangers to unprecedented challenges. 

We have just been informed by Little Brownie Bakers that supply chain and labor disruptions have caused a nationwide shortage in the production of the Adventurefuls™ cookie.  Each council will be limited to 7% of the minimum initial order amount that was forecasted last November. 

Here is our plan of action:

We will cut off the girl delivery option in Digital Cookie on Friday, January 7, at 12:00 PM.   The Adventurefuls™ cookie has been trending higher than the 7% variety and we want to limit the impact on our in-person initial sale.  All other varieties will be available for Girl delivery.  The Adventurefuls™ cookie will remain as an option for Direct Shipped orders for the time being as shipped orders come directly from the baker’s distributer. Please make sure your Digital Cookie sites are set up and available for ordering.

We are asking our Girl Scouts to immediately discontinue the selling of the Adventurefuls™ cookie on their in-person order cards.  We will do our best to fill the orders for the initial sale.

All other cookie varieties are available, and we do not anticipate any other varieties to be impacted by this shortage. Little Brownie Bakers is working diligently to address the impact that the labor shortage has had on the production of Adventurefuls™.  GSUSA is working with both cookie companies to try to provide a solution before the end of the cookie season, so we still have hope. Your other Girl Scout Cookie™ favorites like Thin Mints® and Samoas® are in stock and ready to go. 

We understand this is an unexpected change and apologize for the inconvenience. We know this news comes as a shock and may deplete some of the excitement around this year’s cookie season.  But our Girl Scouts are strong and resilient, and we are committed to helping them succeed.  We will continually evaluate the situation and update you as we move forward. Thank you for your understanding, and let’s continue to climb with courage this cookie season! 

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact us at

FAQs About The Adventurefuls™
  1. Will all initial sale orders be able to be filled? 
    It is unlikely that we will be able to fulfill all initial orders for Adventurefuls™.
  2. Should I continue to sell Adventurefuls™? 
    No, effective immediately, please do not take any more orders for Adventurefuls™. We encourage our Girl Scouts to take orders for the other stocked flavors and to ask customers if they would be willing to swap their original Adventurful order for another flavor.
  3. When I submit my paper order card to my Troop Cookie Manager should include all Adventureful orders taken during the initial sale period? 
    Yes, you should include any orders taken up to this point. Please do not continue to take any new orders of Adventurefuls™.
  4. If there are a limited number of Adventurefuls™, which customer orders will be prioritized? 
    Orders placed via Digital Cookie/Girl Delivery will be filled first as those customers have already paid for their cookies.
  5. Will the option to order Adventurefuls still be available on Digital Cookie? 
    The option to order Adventurefuls on Digital Cookie-girl delivery has been shut off. For the time being, customers can still place orders for Adventurefuls online through the direct shipped method. These cookies come from the distributor's warehouse. Not council or the bakery.
  6. If there is a shortage once all the initial sale orders are submitted, who will get the Adventurefuls™? 
    We will ensure all online girl delivery orders for Adventurefuls™  have been placed and paid for are fulfilled first. We are in the process of developing a plan to allocate the remaining Adventurefuls™ among troops and Girl Scouts. At this time, we will not be able to guarantee that all Adventureful orders will be filled as our amount will be limited.
  7. Are all Girl Scout Councils facing this shortage? 
    All Girl Scout Councils that use Little Brownie Bakers as their supplier are facing this national shortage. Little Brownie Bakers manufactures cookies in multiple factory locations with specialized equipment for each cookie. Unfortunately, the location where the Adventurefuls™ are baked has been faced with supply chain and labor shortages.
  8. Is it possible that Little Brownie Bakers will have Adventurefuls™ available later in the season? 
    It is unlikely that additional Adventurefuls will become available.
  9. Will I be able to get Adventurefuls™ on a Stand-A-Bout or a Booth Sale? 
    Adventurefuls™ will not be available for Stand-A-Bouts or Booth Sales this season.
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Important Dates

 Virtual Cookie Rally

December 17

Initial Sale Begins

December 18

Initial Sale Ends

January 26

Catch Up Order Taking Begins

January 27

Cupboards Open

February 2

Booths Begin

February 4

Froze Your Cookies Off Weekend

February 4-6

Catch Up Orders can begin to be picked up at the cupboard

February 7

SU Delivery's Begin

February 7

Delivery to SU's begin 

February 12

National Cookie Weekend

February 18-20

Koalified Cookie Seller Weekend

March 18-20

Top Koality Cookie Weekend

April 22-24

Sale Ends

April 28


May 13

ACH Pull - Outstanding Money Pulled

May 16

New Payment & Rebate Information
Payments and Rebates

Troop will deposit all money due into their Troop bank account. They will then pay what is owed council less their rebate online with their Troop Debit Card. (see eBudde Sales Report Tab) If outstanding money is not paid by May 15, Council will automatically pull the money owed from the troop bank account. (Pay Troop Bill Online)

Here are some important notes on the process:

  • Deposit slips will not be handed out this year.
  • Troops must submit a new ACH Authorization Form that will be added to the M2OS by Council. This must be done at the beginning of every Girl Scout year. If you participated in the Mags & Munchies Fall Product Program in 2021, you are all set. If this is your first Product Program this Girl Scout year, please fill out an ACH Authorization Form.
  • SU’s will be able see if troops have submitted their ACH form.
  • All monies collected from families and/or sales from Booth Sales need to be deposited into the Troop Bank Account. To figure out what is due, refer to the Sales Report tab in eBudde.
  • The week of March 7: Half of the money that is due in the eBudde system will be pulled from the Troop bank account on file.
  • The week of May 16: The balance of what is due from the entire sale will be pulled from the Troop bank account on file.
  • If any changes are made to your banking, we need to be alerted right away and a new ACH form needs to be filled out. Stand-a-Bouts will still be paid for online and will not be entered into the site until payment has been made.
  • Girl delivery will remain open the entire sale.
Digital Cookie For Volunteers

Early December, the members of your Girl Scout Troop will receive an email from Girl Scouts of the USA inviting Girl Scouts (or the parents of Girl Scouts) to register for the Digital Order Card. Girls can set up their web page, customize it, enter emails for friends and family and do the awesome interactive activities on the DOC site.

Digital Cookie emails can be sent out starting in December.

Training Courses & Cookie Chats

Cookie Chats with Kelly

Join us for our Cookie Chats with Kelly. We'll talk about a specific topic and you can ask us questions!

Cookie Rookie Training

All Troop Product Sales Managers and at least one Troop Leader, are required to take the online GSSC Cookie Rookie Training 2022 course available on gsLearn.

Watch our How to Access gsLearn video to find out how to log in:

Cookie Program Videos
Forms, Documents & Resources
Guides & Forms

Be sure to take advantage of all the awesome resources available from Little Brownie Bakers and Girl Scouts of the USA to guide you through a fun and successful program!

  • eBudde: Your Command Center for managing the cookie sale. Order cookies, track girl activity and order girl rewards. 
  • VIP eTraining: Get step-by-step Girl Scout Cookie Program training whenever you’d like it! 
  • Little Brownie Bakers: Our official Girl Scout Cookie baker. Find girl activities, marketing ideas, cookie facts, program resources, and clip art to help girls prepare for the cookie sale. 
  • Little Brownie Bakers YouTube Channel: Check out our library of inspiring videos featuring real girl stories and selling tips. 
  • Volunteer Blog: Check out the volunteer blog for exciting girl activities and booth ideas. 
  • Digital Cookie: Girl Scouts can set up their own personalized sales pages, take credit card payments, and ship cookies directly to their customers. 
  • eBudde Troop App: Place orders on your mobile devices. Video and training and eBudde help are built right in. 
  • Find Cookies: Help friends locate the closest cookie booth with this app. 
  • Built By Me Cookie Meeting Planner: An online tool to help plan a custom cookie season.
  • Girl Scouts® My Cookie Friend: Girls enter a fun-filled world with games, videos and activities all about Little Brownie’s newest mascot.
  • Girl Scout Cookie®: The official webpage for Girl Scouts of the USA's Girl Scout Cookie program.
Leader Booth Incentives
Leader Booth Incentives 

Incentives will be given out at the end of the season in May. You will be contacted directly as to when the incentives are ready to be picked up.

Host 1 Cookie Booth (170+ Boxes Sold), receive 2 Volunteer Patches per Troop. Host 3 Cookie Booths (510+ Boxes Sold), receive 2 Hip Pouches per Troop.
Host 5 Cookie Booths (850+ Boxes Sold), receive 2 Rain Ponchos per Troop.  


Check out GSUSA's Volunteer Cookie Resources that make it easy to sell more cookies this year than you ever thought possible!

Visit for inspiring videos, resources, activities, clip art, and more!


We're here to help! Email us at
Remember! Initial cookie orders must be entered into eBudde by 11:59pm on February 1, 2021!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log In Here
  • First time logging in for the season?  Select "forgot password" to generate the link to access the system.
  • Receiving other error messages? Email Kelly at

Digital Cookie Orders

  • Direct Shipped Orders automatically carry over into the eBudde system.  They will appear under the Girl Orders Tab.
  • Girl Delivered Orders need to be entered into the system by the troop, so the girl can deliver the cookies. These orders don’t carry over automatically. Only the payments do!
    • On the Troop Dashboard (towards the bottom of the screen) there will be a chart of all the boxes that need to be ordered for the Girl Delivery orders.  Please make sure the parent/guardian has not already added them into the paper card orders to avoid duplicate orders.  Questions? Email Kelly at