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Volunteer Training

As a Girl Scout Leader/Co-Leader, you'll introduce girls to new experiences that show them they are capable of more than they ever imagined.

Become their role model and help them develop courage, confidence and character along with lifelong skills. Imagine the smiles, their excitement, and the memories made—those are the moments you will share at Girl Scouts.

(Last Updated: 8/12/2020)

NEW Online Training

Once you register, a Zoom Meeting invitation link will be emailed to you several days prior to the training. 

Questions? Email

Training Course Date & Time
Brownie Virtual Training 9/10/20, 6-8pm
Daisy Dazzler Virtual Training 9/12/20, 10-12pm
VTK Virtual Training 9/16/20, 6-7pm
Junior Virtual Training 9/21/20, 6-8pm
Cadette Virtual Training 9/24/20, 6-8pm
Beginning's Virtual Training 9/28/20, 6-8pm
Senior/Ambassador Virtual Training 9/29/20, 6-8pm
Beginning's Virtual Training 10/5/20, 6-8pm
Brownie Virtual Training 10/7/20, 6-8pm
Daisy Virtual Training 10/13/20, 6-8pm
VTK Virtual Training 10/15/20, 6-7pm
Beginning's Virtual Training 10/19/20, 6-8pm
Senior/Ambassador Virtual Training 10/20/20, 6-8pm
Cadette Virtual Training 10/21/20, 6-8pm
Daisy Dazzler Virtual Training 10/24/20, 10-12pm
Junior Virtual Training 10/28/20, 6-8pm
Daisy Dazzler Virtual Training 11/2/20, 6-8pm
Brownie Virtual Training 11/5/20, 6-8pm
Beginning's Virtual Training 11/9/20, 6-8pm
Junior Virtual Training 11/10/20, 6-8pm
Daisy Virtual Training 11/12/20, 6-8pm
Cadette Virtual Training 11/16/20, 6-8pm
VTK Virtual Training 11/17/20, 6-7pm
Daisy Dazzler Virtual Training 11/21/20, 10-12pm
Senior/Ambassador Virtual Training 11/23/20, 6-8pm
Daisy Dazzler Virtual Training 12/2/20, 6-8pm
Beginning's Virtual Training 12/7/20, 6-8pm
VTK Virtual Training 12/14/20, 6-7pm

  • Beginnings

    Beginnings, Journey to GSLE, SU Team - Registration cost $5/adult. You will receive a $5 GS Shoppe Credit when you attend the training.

    If you cannot attend the training or need to switch to a new date, you must email 24 hrs prior to the training. If you do not email, you will be charged the $5. 

    Red Cross Blended Learning Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED & First Aid

    Blended Learning CPR/AED/FA and Blended Learning First Aid - When you register you will be emailed a online link. Once a link is emailed, you cannot cancel the training for a refund. You can be switched to another training date. To switch dates, you must email one week prior to the in-person training date.

    Failure to complete the on-line portion 24 hrs prior to the skill session or not sending the email of completion by business day at noon prior to the in-person skill session, or not showing up for the in-person skill session, you will be charged $15 Training Rescheduling fee.


    Troop Camp Certification Training

    Leaders who would like to take their troops camping must take Troop Camp Certification (TCC) before going camping. This training is for Adults ONLY.

    When you take this course, you will be able to participate with your troop in Traditional Troop Camping or in a Service Unit Encampment Weekend. Learn everything you need to know to have fun camping from campfire cooking to program planning.

    Training Steps:

    1.      Review the Troop Camp Certification Online Manual- This manual includes information crucial to a successful camping trip. Reading this packet thoroughly will complete Part 1 of the training and is required to move on to Part 2 & 3.

    2.       Attend Pre-Requisite Meeting

    3.       Attend a Training Date

    2020 Dates
    Pre-Requisite Meeting
    Training Date
    Tuesday, June 2 Camp Edey, Welcome Center 6-8:30pm Saturday, June 13 Camp Sobaco  9:00am - 5:00pm
    Tuesday, September 1 Camp Edey, Welcome Center 6-8:30pm Saturday, September 5 Camp Sobaco 9:00am - 5:00pm
    Tuesday, September 15 Camp Edey, Welcome Center 6-8:30pm Saturday, September 26 Camp Sobaco  9:00am - 5:00pm
    Tuesday, October 6 Camp Edey, Welcome Center 6-8:30pm Saturday, October 17 Camp Sobaco  9:00am - 5:00pm

    Questions? email or call (631) 472-1625 ext. 308

  • Pre-Order Your Volunteer Resource Pack 

    Create your very own Adult Resource Pack and we'll deliver it to you the day of your training! No hassle, Easy as 1-2-3! 

    When you checkout, please put the name and date of your training in the field "Volunteer Training", for delivery.

    Please allow at least 2 business days before your training for orders to be put together. Orders placed the night before the training may not be fulfilled. Questions about your order, email