Ready to embrace new adventures?

Seniors (grades 9-10) are already confident leaders, caring members of the community, responsible for themselves and respectful of the common good. They pursue group and personal goals, and use the Girl Scout Cookie Sale as an entrepreneurship experience.

You can try all sorts of new experiences, such as outdoor adventures, fitness training, community service, mountain biking, doing yoga, touring an art gallery, traveling - the choice is up to you!

Seniors make all decisions about their program, decide on activities based on a budget, and make all plans for meetings and events. They completely plan and organize trips. They raise money to pay for their activities and to fund service projects to meet community needs.

Seniors have comprehensive leadership training. They can earn badges and the Community Service Bar. Seniors may also work as Program Aides, Counselors-in-Training at camp, and Volunteers-in-Training in troops. 

Seniors may earn the Gold Award, the highest achievement in all of Girl Scouting.

Senior Journeys


Seniors know the world is not ideal. This journey is their chance to imagine a perfect world for girls. They’re invited to create their vision as an art project in any medium they choose. Then they’ll take action to make their vision a reality. Leaders, after all, are visionaries!

Journey Awards

In GIRLtopia, girls have the option of earning a major award, an important step on the Girl Scout leadership ladder.

The Senior Visionary Award – To earn the award, girls complete 3 steps: 

  • Create It – an artistic representation of an ideal world to share with others; 
  • Guide It – lead a discussion or group activity that engages other girls in thinking about visionary leadership;
  • Change It – complete a Take Action Project that moves the world (or a community) one step closer to ideal.

It's Your Planet—Love It!

Sow What?

Seniors investigate the food network (no, not cable TV—the real one that gets each piece of food to the table). As they ponder the dirt on land use around the world (corn's a big issue!), girls get down to the science and roots of complex and global food issues. Along the way, Seniors take time to enjoy a "truly happy meal" together, experiment with new recipes, and try out being "locavores" who know how to savor local bounty. So what about career choices and networking? Sew what about sewing? Seniors have a chance to try these on, too. When they add Harvest, a prestigious new leadership award to their collection, Girl Scout Seniors will truly be proud of what they have sown on Earth!

Journey Awards

During this journey, girls have an opportunity to earn the prestigious Girl Scout Senior Harvest Award. The Harvest Award is an important step on the Girl Scout leadership ladder; it signifies that girls understand who they are and what they stand for, and that they care about others, too. It also signifies that they can grasp an issue by the roots and organize a team to work together to sow the seeds of sustainable change. Seniors - to earn the award:

  • Get your leader print going! Here's the path: Identify, and dig into, a food or land issue, tapping some community experts as you go. Maybe you've met growers, gardeners, nutritionists or others in your region and have ideas about challenges they face. Maybe you've improved your food print and want to inspire others. Want your school to host a farmers' market? Got a seed of an idea from this book? Want to team up with other Seniors? Just choose an issue that allows you to use your unique talents and learn something new, too!
  • Capture your vision for change in a Harvest Plan that includes: Your very own "So What?"—your goal, why it matters, how it will benefit both the planet and people. Say it in a way that gets others interested and involved! Show how even simple actions and decisions impact the larger food network. Remember: There's no need to go it alone. Who can you turn to for input and support? What specific impact do you hope to have? Name it! And when you have executed your plan, check back. Have you achieved it? Maybe you will have achieved other results, too, especially if you find yourself needing to adjust your plans along the way. Your project can be big or small, depending on your time and interest. Either way, strive for a sustainable impact. You may push for a new policy or for a change in an existing one. You don't need to start something from scratch.
  • Now, create change—execute your plan by advocating to influence a food policy or land-use effort (yes, you can!), or by educating and inspiring others to act on a solution you identify.

It's Your Story - Tell It!


Seniors learn how widening their network broadens their world, and benefits the world as well.

Leadership Award

Sisterhood Award - Seniors understand the power of sisterhood in their own lives and in the world. Girls define a sisterhood issue, create a plan for how to Take Action and put it in place!

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.