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For these programs, GSSC joins with a local organization or group to offer Girl Scouts a special experience of learning and community service.

East/West Industries
It takes a lot to design and manufacture products that save aircrew lives. It takes experience… expertise… and a personal commitment to doing the right thing.

East/West Industries is a small woman-owned business distinguished by technical excellence and best value products, built on a foundation of hard work, integrity, and a very personal commitment to doing the right thing for our aerospace customers, because “saving aircrew lives is our first concern.”

These values were embodied and instilled by founders Dom and Mary Spinosa, and nearly 50 years later, their guiding principles are alive and well under the leadership of President Teresa Ferraro and Vice President of Business Development Joe Spinosa and dozens of talented team members. From humble beginnings manufacturing connectors, East/West today is globally recognized for our expertise designing and manufacturing aircraft seats and other products critical to crew safety and survival. We’ve become the trusted provider of choice for the industry’s most progressive new aircraft and a go-to small prime partner for customers in need of a fully capable problem solver willing to jump in and get the job done.

We have what it takes. We do what it takes. Whatever it takes.



To earn the East/West Industries patch, please visit and complete 2 out of 6 requirements below. 

When you complete the program, get your patches here.

 Download the requirements

  1. Life Savers - 
    The tagline for East/West Industries is Saving Aircrew Lives is our First Concern.  How does East/West Industries accomplish that?  What products do they produce to support that slogan?  Research at least two of the products that are manufactured at East/West.  What design elements do they contain to keep aircrew members safe? 
  2. Girl Power -
    East/West Industries has a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) Certification and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).  What does that certification mean?  Why is it important to have?  What is the path that led President Teresa Ferraro to this career and industry?
  3. Valuing Our Veterans - 
    East/West Industries is very proud to support veterans.  Read the article and watch the video located at  How do they support veterans?  How do they differ from other companies?  Why would working for East/West Industries be even more fulfilling for a veteran?
  4. Community Commitment -
    East/West Industries was recently honored with the Business Commitment Award from the Long Island Business Development Council.  What does that mean?  Why is it significant for our community? 
  5. Seeing is Believing -
    Schedule a tour of East/West Industries to get a preview of their incredible facility and see the amazing work they do to support and protect aircrew lives.  To schedule a tour, please contact  
  6. Full Service Center -
    East/West Industries provides a comprehensive support experience and offers a variety of career opportunities and services.  Below is a list of just some of the services provided at East/West.  Research at least two of the items listed.  What does providing this service entail?  Why is it important?  What type of education and training does it require?
    a.     Military Sewing
    b.     Design Engineer
    c.     Human Resources
    d.     Mechanical Assembly
    e.     3D Printing    
PSEG Long Island Patch Program

To earn the PSEG Long Island Energy Patch, girls must complete 2 out of 4 requirements.

When you complete the program, get your patches here.

Daisies and Brownies
  1. Girl Scouts are Prepared!
    Be ready for any emergency, with help from our friends on Sesame Street! Watch the Let’s Get Ready Family Emergency Kit Video. Do you and your family have an emergency plan and kit in place? With your parent or guardian, get Girl Scout prepared by completing the Family Emergency Plan and creating your own Emergency Kit. Be sure to check out the other links and videos. Now you’ll be ready for anything!
  2. Indoor Electric Safety
    Watch the Indoor Electric Safety Video with your parent or guardian, complete the Home Electric Safety Checklist. How did your home score? Along with your troop, make an electric safety presentation to another troop to share your newfound knowledge.
  3. Protect Your Pets!
    Safety isn’t just important for people, but for pets too! Read Pets & Electric Safety on easy ways to protect your pets. With the help of a parent or guardian, survey your home using tips mentioned online. What did you learn? What changes can you make to ensure the safety of you and your pets?
  4. Lights Out!
    It takes a lot of energy to power the lights in our homes. It’s important for us to have light when we need it, but it is also important for us to be watchful and turn the lights off when we no longer need them. To help conserve energy, start a turn off your lights campaign in your home! Begin by making it a point to turn the lights off when you are leaving a room. Then, take it a step further by looking around your home and noting places where family members might need reminders to turn off the lights. At these places, post a fun reminder to turn off the lights. Finally, implement one lights out family activity per week, such a family stargazing, a campout in the backyard or (with the help of an adult) dinner by candlelight!

Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors
  1. Energy Star Awareness!
    What is Energy Star? What is required for an appliance to become Energy Star certified? Why is it important to consider purchasing products with the Energy Star label? Survey the appliances in your home. How many of them have the Energy Star label? Talk with your parent or guardian about why they chose to purchase an Energy Star appliance. Share what you have learned about the benefits of Energy Star.
  2. The EV Evolution!
    Learn about Electric Vehicles (EV). How do most people charge their Electric Vehicles? How many public charging stations are in Suffolk County? What are the financial incentives for owning an EV? Make a list of pros and cons of owning an Electric Vehicle. What did you find? Would you consider purchasing an EV?
  3. Review your Residence!
    With help from your parent or guardian, complete the Online Home Energy Profile. What did you find? Were you surprised? What recommendations were made? Here are even more ways to save! With your family, create a plan to make at least one energy-saving change in your household.
  4. Home Preparation
    If a disaster were to strike tomorrow, would you and your family be prepared? Would you have what you need at your fingertips? Watch the PSEG Storm Preperation Video. What are some of the suggestions mentioned? View the PSEG Emergency Kit for ideas of items needed and create your own Emergency Kit to keep in your home.
Leviton Patch Program
In partnership with GSSC, Leviton is proud to introduce their patch program—designed to educate and empower girls to make the Smart Choice!

When you complete the program, get your patches here.

Using information from Leviton’s website and from tools and resources available through our Girl Scout web portal, girls will learn about both electrical safety and STEM career exploration. All the requirements are listed on the web portal.

About Leviton

Leviton provides a large range of choices to meet the needs of today’s homes and businesses, and helps customers create sustainable, intelligent environments through its electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, lighting energy management systems, and much more. From switches to networking systems to equipment for charging electric vehicles, Leviton helps customers safely achieve savings in energy, time and cost.

Fun Facts About Leviton!

• Nine out of ten homes in North America use products made by Leviton.
• Builders, electrical contractors and other industry professionals rank Leviton wiring devices #1 in brand preference.
• Leviton has more than 25,000 products and 600 patents.
• Leviton employs more than 6,500 people.
• Leviton has sales in 80 countries.

Touro Law Justice Program
To earn the patch, girls must choose 2 out of 5 requirements to complete. 

Please note: some steps are required. 

Daisy & Brownie - When you complete the program, get your patches here.

Junior, Cadette, Senior & Ambassador - Patch will be given during tour of the Touro Law Center.

By earning the Touro Law Center Justice Patch, girls will develop a sense of fairness, an understanding of why we have laws and how they can be changed when they don't work.  Girls will learn how laws are designed to help people, and the role that lawyers and judges fill in the community.

View the requirements.

National Grid Energy Program

Using information from National Grid’s website for students and educators, girls will learn about the power they have to make a difference. To earn the patch, girls must complete 2 out of the 4 requirements. Download all the requirements.

Girl Scouts in Suffolk County will receive the patch for free and other Girl Scout Councils may purchase the patch for $2.00 each. When you complete the program, click here to get your patches.

SUNation Solar Patch Program

To earn the SUNation Patch, girls must complete 3 out of 5 requirements.

When you complete the program, get your patches here.

About SUNation Solar:

SUNation Solar Systems is Long Island’s home-grown, award-winning solar design and installation expert. They have been voted Best of Long Island Solar Business for 8 years in a row as well as Best Green Business and Best Alternative Energy Company for 2017. The company is built on exceeding every customer’s expectations. With over 2500 residential, commercial and municipal installations since 2003, SUNation has saved Long Islanders over $4 million each year by powering their homes with the sun. SUNation is the recipient of the following honors: A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau · 4.87/5 Rating on with over 150 reviews · Top 500 Solar Contractor for 2016 in the U.S. by Solar Power World and #1 on Long Island · Net promoter score of 95 · Great Places to Work for 2016 · Long Island Business News Top CEO 2016 · Consistently recognized by New York State for various achievements.  SUNation’s mission is to create a more sustainable world through renewable, clean energy for generations to come. They are committed to maintaining a safe and happy workplace for their team who work so hard making their customers their priority every single day. As Long Island’s solar energy experts, they consistently deliver value to their clients by providing world-class products, workmanship and service along with an exceptional experience for each customer. 


  1. There’s something about solar! We know that SUNation produces solar energy, but what exactly is solar energy? Research solar power so that you can answer the following questions: How does solar energy work? How does it generate electricity? Is it good for our environment? Is it renewable or non-renewable? Is it available everywhere? Does using it affect the community?
  2. See SUNation! Visit SUNation for a 30-minute tour of the facility and activities, followed by refreshments. Click here to schedule a tour
  3. The Specifics of Solar There are many misconceptions about solar energy. To learn the real deal about solar, take SUNation’s Myth vs. Fact Quiz.  What did you learn that surprised you? Share at least 3 facts about solar with your family.
  4. Saving Energy at Home At home, complete SUNation’s Home Energy Audit sheet with your parent/guardian. What did you find? Were you surprised? Read the energy conservation tips at the bottom of the sheet. With your parent/guardian, commit to making at least two changes at home to use less energy.
  5. Interview Someone in Solar What careers are available in the solar industry? Interview someone who works in the industry or invite a guest speaker from the industry to talk to your troop. Prepare a list of questions to ask. What did you find? 

Questions? Email

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Financial Bootcamp

To earn the Bethpage Federal Credit Union patch, girls must complete 2 out of 4 requirements. 

Download all the requirements.

When you complete the program, click here to get your patches.

Suffolk County Sheriff Patch Program

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Patch represents the role that law enforcement officers play in society.  Girls who earn the patch will learn about careers in the field and the responsibilities of Correction Officers and Deputy Sheriffs and how they protect public safety.

To earn the Suffolk County Sheriff Patch, girls must complete 1 out of 3 requirements.

Download all the requirements

When you complete the program, click here to get your patches.

Harry Chapin Hunger Activist

Girl Scouts of Suffolk County has partnered with Long Island Cares, The Harry Chapin Food Bank to offer the "Harry Chapin Hunger Activist Patch Program".

Download all the requirements.

When you complete the program, click here to get your patches.

King Kullen Nutrition Tour

King Kullen conducts store tours for hundreds of troops across Long Island.

The tour shows the girls the ins and outs of a supermarket operation, and gives them tips on how to make nutritious food choices that support a healthy lifestyle.  Tours are available in all King Kullen locations Monday through Saturday.  Girls will make a healthy treat at the end of the tour, and receive a patch.

Tours are available in all King Kullen locations, Monday-Saturday from 10AM-5PM.

To schedule a troop tour, please email or call (516) 827-6353

Whole Foods Market Tour

Did you know Whole Foods Market offers free stores tours?

Come to Lake Grove and learn about natural and organic foods, also you get to taste many items throughout the store.

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact

Wild By Nature Market Tour

Learn the meaning behind organic and natural foods and healthy eating alternatives for snacks and meals from Wild By Nature Market.

Girls will tour the market and make or sample a healthy snack. Tours are 45 minutes and are conducted during the week and Saturdays before 5PM. Girls will receive a patch and a goody bag at the end of the tour.

To book your tour, please contact a Wild by Nature Market store manager:

  • East Setauket: 198 Main Street, (631) 246-5500
  • Huntington: 369 West Main Street, (631) 424-6480
  • Hampton Bays: 260 West Montauk Highway, (631) 723-3071
  • Oceanside: 2709 Long Beach Road, (516) 764-3580
  • West Islip: 478A Union Blvd., (631) 719-7200
Tina Polenberg Photography Patch Program

Learn about the history of photography and have your photo taken with your troop and leader.

Leader Package - $5, One 5x7 Troop Portrait

Girl Scout Package - $10

  • One 5x7 Troop Portrait
  • One 4x6 Individual Portrait
  • Two 2x3 Individual Portrait
  • Special FUN Patch

Call to book your tour today! (631) 648-8718

Vitagliano Orthodontics Patch Program

(Tour will take approximately 1 hour.)

Download all the requirements

Tours are available at the West Islip Office location. For further information and to schedule a tour, contact Elisa at (631) 661-3025

Sundaes Tour

Bring your troop to Sundaes in Port Jefferson Station for a full store tour. Get a behind-the-scenes peek at our whole operation and how we work our machines.

Each scout will have the chance to make their own sundae and receive a custom Sundaes Girl Scout patch. Cost is $8/Girl.

To book your tour, visit