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For Cookie Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to support your Troop’s Girl Scout Cookie program. Because of you, girls gain important skills that will help them become the leaders of tomorrow. The Girl Scout Cookie program is a great way to help girls of all ages to earn money towards all of their fun Girl Scout adventures… and it's a hands-on, leadership and entrepreneurial opportunity which teaches girls the five skills needed in both life and business.

Top five reasons you should participate in the Cookie Program:

Life Skills: The Cookie program helps you and your girls develop leadership skills for life, including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

It’s EASY to participate: Your Troop Cookie Manager can access VIP eTraining, eBudde, and resources for girls to track and manage their businesses.

Financial Support for Fun Troop Activities: Your troop will earn funds to help offset the cost of activities & so much more! In the process, girls gain skills to be financially savvy.

Girls can earn fabulous rewards: Rewards help girls set goals.

Many successful businesswomen say they got their start selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Thanks to caring volunteers, LIKE YOU, girls who participate in the Cookie program gain courage, confidence and character to pursue their dreams!

For inspiring videos, resources, activities, clip art and more, go to

Initial Sale Tips
Remember! Initial cookie orders must be entered into eBudde by 11:59pm on February 4!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Log In Here
  • First time logging in for the season?  Select "forgot password" to generate the link to access the system.
  • Receiving other error messages? Email Kelly at

Digital Cookie Orders

  • Direct Shipped Orders automatically carry over into the eBudde system.  They will appear under the Girl Orders Tab.
  • Girl Delivered Orders need to be entered into the system by the troop, so the girl can deliver the cookies. These orders don’t carry over automatically. Only the payments do!
    • On the Troop Dashboard (towards the bottom of the screen) there will be a chart of all the boxes that need to be ordered for the Girl Delivery orders.  Please make sure the parent/guardian has not already added them into the paper card orders to avoid duplicate orders.  Questions? Email Kelly at
Important Dates



Distribute materials

Early December

Initial order taking begins

December 17

Cookie Palooza

January 18-19

Initial order taking ends

January 31

DOC is available

December 17 - May 6

Catch up orders

February 1 - May 6

Cookie booths begin

February 1

Troop Initial order due in eBudde™

February 4

Delivery of Initial order cookies begins

February 11

Initial order money due

March 4

Troop girl rewards order due in eBudde

May 10

Cookie sale ends

May 6

Digital Cookie For Volunteers

Early December, the members of your Girl Scout Troop will receive an email from Girl Scouts of the USA inviting Girl Scouts (or the parents of Girl Scouts) to register for the Digital Order Card. Girls can set up their web page, customize it, enter emails for friends and family and do the awesome interactive activities on the DOC site.

Digital Cookie emails can be sent out starting December 17.

Cookie Rookie Training

Learn about the Girl Scout Cookie Program and how to become a top Troop Cookie Chair. This training is for new or returning Troop Cookie Chairs.

Date & Time Location
Thursday, January 3 - 10AM-12PM Main Office, 442 Moreland Road, Commack, NY 11725
Thursday, January 3 - 6-8PM Main Office, 442 Moreland Road, Commack, NY 11725


Forms & Documents

Be sure to take advantage of all the awesome resources available from Little Brownie Bakers and Girl Scouts of the USA to guide you through a fun and successful program!

  • eBudde: Your Command Center for managing the cookie sale. Order cookies, track girl activity and order girl rewards. 
  • VIP eTraining: Get step-by-step Girl Scout Cookie Program training whenever you’d like it! 
  • Little Brownie Bakers: Our official Girl Scout Cookie baker. Find girl activities, marketing ideas, cookie facts, program resources and clip art to help girls prepare for the cookie sale. 
  • Little Brownie Bakers YouTube Channel: Check out our library of inspiring videos featuring real girl stories and selling tips. 
  • Volunteer Blog: Check out the volunteer blog for exciting girl activities and booth ideas. 
  • Digital Cookie: Girl Scouts can set up their own personalized sales pages, take credit card payments and ship cookies directly to their customers. 
  • eBudde Troop App: Place orders on your mobile devices. Video and training and eBudde help are built right in. 
  • Cookie Locator: Help friends locate the closest cookie booth with this app. 
  • Built By Me Cookie Meeting Planner: An online tool to help plan a custom cookie season.
  • Girl Scouts of the USA: Locate info on GS Cookie Program and national cookie badges and pins.
Cookie Cupboard
Opens January 28

The Cookie Cupboard ensures that extra cookies are conveniently available to Troops. Service Unit Cookie Chairs, Service Unit Coordinators, Troop Cookie Chairs, Troop Leaders and Parents/Guardians may pick up cookies from a cupboard. Identification must be shown.

Cupboards help volunteers complete initial orders and obtain cookies for additional orders, catch-up orders and booth orders. Please remember that returns are only accepted for weekend Booth Sales on the Monday and Tuesday following the sale. You must call for a booth sale prior to picking up or make a request. A one-week lead time is recommended.

Closed the following dates: Saturday, February 16, Monday, February 18, Friday, April 19 at 12pm & Saturday, April 20. (Last updated: 3/5/2019)

Main Office, Commack - Habla Español
442 Moreland Road Commack, NY 11725 • (631) 543-6622
  • Mon./Wed./Fri.  10am - 3pm
    Tue. & Thu.  12 - 5pm
    Saturday  10am - 12pm
Camp Edey, Bayport
1500 Lakeview Avenue Bayport, NY 11705 • (631) 472-1625
  • Mon. & Tue.  10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 2 - 5PM
    Thursday 10am - 2pm
    Friday 10am - 5pm
    Saturday  10am - 12pm
East End Office, Riverhead
854 East Main Street Riverhead, NY 11901 • (631) 369-9757
  • Monday  CLOSED
    Tue. & Thu.  2 - 4pm
    Wed. & Fri.  10am - 12pm
    Saturday  10am - 12pm
Booth Sales
February 1 - May 6
  1. Find a location in your area to have your booth sale. If you are having trouble locating one, call your SU for help. Great locations include banks, supermarkets, and houses of worship. 
  2. Confirm the date, time & location with your SU Cookie Chair. 
  3. Call your cupboard at least 1 week prior to the booth sale OR reserve your booth sale online. Product must be picked up and returned to the same location. 
  4. Have fun! Sell, Sell, Sell! 
  5. Deposit funds collected to the nearest Capital One Bank with the deposit slip from your booth sale pickup. DO NOT USE A BLANK SLIP FROM THE BANK. 
  6. Return any product that was not sold to the cupboard with the receipt from your deposit. 
  7. After the booth sale has been entered into the system (about 1 week), be sure to go back into eBudde and assign the product sold to all of the girls that attended that day. 

 Booth Sale Locations by Service Unit

Booth Sale Leader Incentives
1 Booth (170 Boxes)
Volunteer Patch
2 Booths (340 Boxes)
Phone Ring Stand
3 Booths (510 Boxes)
5 Booths (850 Boxes)
Messenger Bag
Special Booth Sale Weekends

Host a booth sale during these weekends, sell 170+ boxes, and earn these special patches.

February 1-3 Froze Your Cookies Off 

Start off your cookie booth season!

 February 22-24 National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 

Be part of the National Cookie Story!

March 8-10 GS Just Wanna HAVE FUN! 
Bling your booth with your favorite theme and have fun!
April 12-14 Moon Walking About
Host a booth sale or a walk-about this weekend for this special patch!
May 3-5 Sweet Dreams are Made of Cookies 
Reach for your dreams!
Cookies By The Carload

Use this guide to approximate how many cases of cookies will fit in your vehicle. The amounts assume the car will be empty except for the driver and uses all space except the driver’s seat. Safety Note: Avoid carrying cookie cases and children in the passenger area of a vehicle at the same time.

Car Type Number of Cases
Compact Car 23
Hatchback Car 30
Mid-Size Sedan 35
Sports Utility Vehicle 60
Station Wagon 75
Minivan (Seats in) 75
Pick-Up Truck (Full bed) 100
Cargo Van (Seats in) 200