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Mags & Munchies

(Formerly the Fall Product Sale Program)

When you sell 150+ units, you'll be invited to our Super Seller Event on December 4 at the Juliette Low Friendship Center. See All Rewards.

The Mags & Munchies Sale is one of the easiest and best ways for girls to start earning troop funds and helps leader's save on membership fees, program registrations, meeting supplies and more before the Girl Scout Cookie Program. 

Also provides guidance by helping girls develop the 5 Skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, & Business Ethics.


Here Are The Top 5 Reasons To Participate


Ways to Participate

Top 4 Reasons to Participate in Initial Sale
Initial Sale - (September 25 - October 27)

Exclusive Rewards - We have a series of rewards that can only be earned during the Initial Sale. (Remember! Rewards are Cumulative AND 1 Magazine counts for 2 Units!)


Kick-Start Your Sale! The Fall Sale is the first opportunity to earn funds for the Girl Scout Year!Troops that participate in the Initial Sale sell more items, which means they have larger Troop Rebates. Initial Sale Troops account for:

  • 80% of the girls that earned the Avatar patch
  • 83% of the girls at our Top Seller Event
  • 95% of the girls that earned a Free Week of Camp

It’s Easy To Do! - 
Items that are ordered for the Initial Sale phase are delivered to a location in or near your home Service Unit. Pickup is coordinated by your SU Chair, so it’s convenient and you have more flexibility.


A Lucky Troop Will WIN Tickets to Cookie Palooza 2020! - 
Here’s How to Qualify to Win:

  • The Troop MUST have an Initial Sale Order that averages 20+ units per girl.
  • All girls and adults must be registered Girl Scouts.
  • The winners will receive tickets for the girls in their troop (at the time of the Fall Sale) and safety-wise adult coverage.
What's New This Year
  • Choose Between Two Different Backgrounds for Your Avatar Patch & A New Safari Outfit Added. Girls can now earn the Avatar patch for selling $350 total in Mags & Munchies and by sending 15 emails.
  • Milk Chocolate Mint Trefoils in an adorable Girl Scout Bus Tin
  • NEW PRODUCTS - Madagascar Vanilla & Honey Almonds, Dark Chocolate Malted Milk Balls with Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate Mint Trefoils
  • Leaders receive their own Avatar patch when their troops sell $1,300 or more.
  • NEW Initial Sale Order Receipt - Use this form to collect the girl’s initial orders instead of collecting all the cards! You won’t have to add up all the order cards.

Important Dates
  • September 25 - Initial Sale Begins
  • October 22 - Cupboards Open - More Info
  • October 25 - Booth Sales Begin  - More Info
  • October 25-27, Take Off! Weekend  - More Info
  • October 27 - Initial Sale Ends & Entered into M2
    Forms are due to the Troop Chair so they can be entered into the M2 system. All initial sale orders need to be entered into M2 at
  • October 28 - Catch-Up Order Taking Begins
    For late troops and girls with additional orders. (Don’t forget to allocate items to the individual girl.) Direct-shipped sales continue online. Pick up begins November 4.
  • November 4 - Delivery of Products Begins
    Delivered to your SU Fall Chair. They will coordinate pick up with all the troops in the Service Unit. You are responsible for the products you sign for.
  • November 8-10, Nuts for Nuts Weekend -  More Info
  • November 22-24 - Lead The Way Weekend -  More Info
  • November 24 - Initial Sale Money Due/Sale Ends
    (For both Nuts & Magazines) All initial sale money MUST be deposited at a Capital One Bank Branch using the deposit slip that is assigned to your troop. Make sure to keep a copy for your records.
  • December 3 - Allocate Products to Girls in System
    All product needs to be allocated to the girls on the M2 website in order for your troop to receive the proper rewards.
  • Week of December 3 - Rebates Deposited into Accounts
    Rebates will be direct deposited to the troop’s bank account if the account is at a zero balance and we have an ACH form on file for the troop.
Tips & Reminders
Tips for a Successful Sale
  1. Personalize Your Sale - Girls who uploaded photos or video sold more. 
  2. Set a Troop Goal (Download The Goal Chart)
  3. Prepare for the Sale 
  4. Get families involved
  5. Share/Promote Your Sale - 27% of online sales came from using social media. Make business cards with your Avatar and Online Store address to direct customers.
  6. Make sure all volunteers have proper training
  7. Mix up your girl's booth partners
  • Earn a themed t-shirt when you sell 50 units during initial sale
  • Nut Promise Orders are paid online! - Girls only need to deliver the products
  • Super Sellers Event - Any girl that sells 150+ items will be invited to an awesome celebration!
  • Troop Earnings - Troops earn $0.80 for each nut and candy unit and $1.50 for each magazine subscription. Plus Troops earn 10% of direct shipped orders.
  • Service Unit Incentive Reward - Earn more when your Service Unit improves over last year. If your SU sells 5% more items than last year
  • your incentive will increase from .02 to .04 an item. If your SU sells 10% more items than last year your incentive will increase to .06 an item.
  • All Cadette & older troops can opt out of rewards - All girls must agree. The troop will earn an additional $0.15 per unit.


Products Offered

Trophy Nut:
Select from 15 delicious nut and candy items with prices ranging from $6-$10. These products are delicious and great for gift giving with 2 items offered in decorative collectors tins.


M2 Media:
It’s not just magazines! Magazines, and educational subscription kits make for an easy sell. With the M2 Media program, those same magazine sales can benefit GSSC with 50% of the purchase price from every sale going directly to council, not the publishers.


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