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Fall Product Sale

The Fall Product Sales program affords girls the opportunity to sell magazines, nut and candy products. It's a wonderful way to introduce girls to the following five life skills:

Goal Setting

Decision Making

Money Management

People Skills

Business Ethics

 What's New This Year

More than 3 Billion Avatar Combinations!
Girls can now earn the Avatar patch for selling 2 magazine subscriptions and 40 Units of nuts during the entire sale.

New Product! Peppermint Holiday Mix
The perfect holiday treat with chocolate & peppermint coated pretzel bites, red & white non-pareils, and delicious almonds.

Celebrate the Outdoors!
Mint Trefoils in an adorable Girl Scout Camping Tent Tin!

Both Magazines & Nuts Sales End December 5

Online Training Available
Webinars from the training dates will be recorded so they can be used for reference.

Awesome Rewards & Patches
PLUS Super Sellers can earn a week of Summer Camp!