The First Step in a Lifetime Adventure!

Daisies are in grades K-1 and meet in a nurturing, inclusive environment. They go on trips, learn about nature and science, and explore the arts and their communities, while earning Learning Petals and receiving participation patches.

Daisies that belong to a troop or group are guided by leaders, who work with girls to determine interests and decide on activities. Parents are asked to support the leader by helping where needed, such as with transportation, group snacks, or family outings.

Girls can wear a Girl Scout Daisy Membership Pin, the Girl Scout Daisy tunic over their clothes or purchase a variety of official Girl Scout Daisy uniform components. The girls place Learning Petals and participation patches on their tunics or in a scrapbook.

Daisy Journeys

It’s Your World - Change It!

Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden!

In this journey, gardening meets the Girl Scout Law. The result is a storybook world of flowers and little girls who, together, do great things. Girl Scout Daisies will especially enjoy meeting the colorful, global characters who teach them to live the Girl Scout Law. The adult "how-to" guide offers Garden Story Time tips, key ideas for garden projects, and all the Girl Scout history and traditions needed for an adventure starring Amazing Daisy, a new flower friend for Girl Scout Daisies.

Journey Awards

Like all Girl Scout journeys, ''Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden'' focuses on the leadership philosophy of girls discovering (themselves and their values), connecting (caring and teaming), and taking action (to improve their communities and the world). For Girl Scout Daisies, the best way to experience this leadership philosophy is by practicing the Girl Scout Law. So the journey's three awards, which tie directly to the garden theme, recognize girls' progress in applying the Law to their lives. 

  • The Watering Can Award represents girls being ''responsible for what I say and do.'' Girls earn the award by caring for their mini-garden and beginning to understand how the Promise and Law play out in their daily lives.
  • The Golden Honey Bee Award represents taking action through a gardening effort for others to make the world a better place. The award is named for Honey, the bee who is one of the Daisy Flower Garden characters.
  • The Amazing Daisy Award represents knowing—and living—the Promise and Law, just like Amazing Daisy, the main character of the journey.

It's Your Planet—Love It!

Between Earth and Sky

Girl Scout Daisies join their flower friends for a cross-country road trip in their special flower-powered car. As they travel the country living the values of the Girl Scout Law, the flowers explore the natural world around them, learning what's local and why that's important. 

Journey Awards

This journey presents Daisies the opportunity to earn three awards. Girls consider their feelings and skills and then take into account the feelings and skills of those around them. The girls then move on to engage their larger community and then they move out into their community to "do."

The Blue Bucket Award

  •  Girls tell one another about their feelings and the feelings of those around them;
  • Girls take part in role-playing activities that encourage them to resolve conflicts, negotiate, and be considerate to others.
The Firefly Award
  • Think about and talk about their own skills and those of their sister Daisies;
  • Choose a skill that they can teach others, either at home or in their community;
  • Steps to the award are built into the suggested activities in the Sample Sessions.
The Clover Award
  • Learn about and commit to protecting a natural treasure in their region;
  • Educate and inspire others in their community to join with them to protect the local treasure, too.

It's Your Story - Tell It!

5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals!

Daisies learn just how much they can care for animals and for themselves—and just how good that makes them feel.

Leadership Awards

  • Birdbath Award - Daisies learn to care for animals and for themselves;
  • Red Robin Award - Daisies use their new knowledge and creativity to teach others how to care for animals;
  • Tula Award - Daisies gain courage and confidence in teaching others about animal care.

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.