Find true friendships, gain confidence and get ready to lead

Self-esteem and confidence continue to blossom as a girl becomes a Cadette (grades 6-8). Focus grows toward maintaining healthy lifestyles, taking a stand on issues within the community and learning how to resolve conflict and set goals. 

Cadettes have more control of what they do as Girl Scouts and are encouraged to pursue individual and group goals. Girls at this level are making the transition from younger to teen Girl Scouting.

Cadettes make nearly all decisions about their program, guided by the National Program Portfolio and Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Meetings vary a great deal, depending on individual and group projects, which are more complex than younger levels of Girl Scouts. The meetings will involve learning about a topic or a concept, and then taking steps to improve the world through education or service.

Cadette Journeys

 It's Your World—Change It!

 aMAZE: The Twists and Turns of Getting Along

Life is a maze of relationships and this journey has Cadettes maneuvering through all its twists and turns to find true friendships, plenty of confidence, and maybe even peace. The adult guide offers tips for talking about relationship issues with girls, and pointers for understanding Cadettes’ development and creating a safe, welcoming space.

Journey Awards

The Interact Award signifies that girls can advance peace in the world around them, one interaction at a time. To earn it, girls must complete three of the nine Interact Challenges, though they can do as many challenges as they like! These challenges invite the Cadettes to try small and positive new ways of interacting in their daily lives.

The Diplomat Award focuses on how a diplomat ''possesses skill or tact in dealing with others.'' To earn the award, Cadettes demonstrate that they can use something they have learned about relationships to design and implement a project that benefits others.

The Peacemaker Award invites girls to collect relationship ''tools'' they can use and pass on to others along the journey. The girls earn the Peacemaker Award at the end of the journey by reviewing all the tools they've collected and making a commitment about how they will continue using them throughout their lives.

LiA (Leader in Action) Award

Girl Scout Cadettes have an opportunity to put their skills to work assisting Girl Scout Brownies on their Quest. Brownies (and their volunteers) will appreciate having Cadettes along on the journey, and Cadettes will benefit from having the opportunity to have a position of responsibility. The steps for Cadettes to earn the LiA are in the Adult Guide for ''Brownie Quest.”

It's Your Planet—Love It!


Cadettes engage all five senses as they clear the air—their own and Earth's. Girls learn to assess air quality inside and out, getting an aerial view of everything from cigarette smoking to noise in the air to deforestation. As they enjoy creating some "breathing room" in their lives, Cadettes may also find a new flair, think about "Hair," and perhaps even try making an éclair.

Journey Award

Along this journey, Cadettes have the opportunity to earn three leadership awards that engage them in improving the world's air quality while also supporting and nourishing their own abilities as leaders who are aware, alert, and able to affirm all they do.


  • Keep an Air Log throughout the journey;
  • Identify two experts who can guide you to greater air awareness;
  • Increase your AWAREness about the issues that impact Earth's air;
  • Decide the most important, personal reason you care about Earth's air;
  • With your Cadette team, choose an air issue to act on together.
  • Decide whom to educate and inspire—this is your Air Care Team (ACT);
  • Decide what you will ask your Air Care Team to do;
  • Decide how to reach your Air Care Team to inspire them to act on your air issue;
  • Educate and inspire! Give your ACT its call to action.
  • Gather proof of progress or improvement through your efforts to educate and inspire;
  • Share the impact with your ACT and maybe even go further;
  • Get with your Cadette team and reflect on your efforts and their impact;
  • Affirm your commitment to strive to be an heir apparent of air and all of Planet Earth's elements.
Earning the LiA

Girl Scouts has always had a tradition of older girls helping younger girls. In the It's Your Planet—Love It series of leadership journeys, Cadettes have air and Brownies have water. Think of the power of bringing these two grade levels and all their Girl Scout power together! That's what the LiA (Leader in Action) Award is all about. The LiA encourages Cadettes to be key assistants on a Brownie team's WOW! Wonders of Water journey. All the steps to the award are in the Cadette LiA letter found in the Adult Guide for both the Cadette and Brownie journey.

It's Your Story - Tell It!


Cadettes look for the ME in media and learn how they can shape media—for themselves, their community and the world.

Leadership Awards

Monitor Award - Cadettes have taken stock of media in their world and the influence it has.

Influence Award - Cadettes understand the importance of having media reflect the realities of their world.

Cultivate Award - Cadettes have made a personal commitment to cultivate a new perspective on media.

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.