Actual size is 3” x 3.75”
Cost: $2.50 (includes shipping)

Girl Scouts Love America Patch

To earn this patch, each girl must complete 4 of the following 6 suggested activities:

  • Activity 1: The Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Coast Guard and the National Guard are just a few of the branches of the military that have been in the news recently. Using newspapers and the Internet (with your parents’ permission), create a book of pictures and stories that will help someone learn more about these branches of the military.
  • Activity 2: There are several holidays that celebrate the land we love. Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Patriot Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July are just a few of the holidays that are unique to the USA. If you could invent a national holiday, what would it be? How would we celebrate? With your troop, create a new holiday that celebrates America and have a special meeting or party for that holiday. Or, create a collage depicting some or all of the important American holidays.
  • Activity 3: Veterans Day and Memorial Day are two of our national holidays that are important to our military. Using the internet (with your parents’ permission) or the local library,learn the history of these holidays. Why do we celebrate them? When do we celebrate them? Plan a special event with your troop to celebrate one of these holidays.
  • Activity 4: Women have played a vital role in our military history. With your troop, learn about one of the following women, (or you may choose one of your own) and hold a special ceremony in her honor: Anna Warner, Margaret Corbin, Dr. Mary Walker, or Sarah Emma Edmonds.
  • Activity 5: As Girl Scouts, we hold flag ceremonies to celebrate the important American symbol, the American flag. With your troop, learn more about the flag. Find out its history and symbolism. Use the information you find to create a flag ceremony and share it with other troops.
  • Activity 6: Throughout history, Girl Scouts have played a major role in shaping our country. Learn about the influential American women who were or are Girl Scouts. Draw a picture, write a short story or poem about one of these women and share it with other Girl Scouts.

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