Actual size is 1.5” x 1.5”
Cost: $1.10 (includes shipping)

Lighthouse Patch

This program, designed by a Suffolk County Girl Scout, promotes learning about the fascinating histories of lighthouses.

To earn this patch, each girl must complete six of the following eight listed activities:

  • Activity 1: Visit a lighthouse in your area. Learn about its history and share your findings with your troop.
  • Activity 2: Create a lighthouse craft, such as building a lighthouse using beach materials. Just use your imagination!
  • Activity 3: Design a lighthouse based on a real one. What’s the significance of its pattern? Why is it a certain shape? What are its surroundings and why? Make a drawing and share it with your troop.
  • Activity 4: Research lighthouses and how they work.
  • Activity 5: Participate in a beach clean-up. Have an adult assist with sharp or rusty objects.
  • Activity 6: Help promote your local lighthouses by creating a brochure for a lighthouse you have visited or would like to visit. Include hours, fees and interesting facts. Share your brochure with your troop, family, friends or school.
  • Activity 7: Interview someone who works at a lighthouse or who has a job preserving historical landmarks. What’s it like to work at a lighthouse? Why is it so important to keep history alive?
  • Activity 8: Learn about lighthouse culture by reading a book or poem, listening to sailor music or studying an artwork related to lighthouses and the sea.

Patches are available at all Girl Scout Shoppe locations. You may also purchase patches using our secure Online Order Form or through postal mail orders.

To order via postal mail, please send payment per patch to Girl Scouts of Suffolk County, ATTN: Girl Scout Shoppe, 442 Moreland Road, Commack, NY 11725.