This is the first installment of our Preparedness series patch program! To follow will be segments focused on different types of emergency situations. You must first complete this portion before beginning the other parts. Girl Scouts are Prepared is a multi-level patch program. Due to this, leaders can adjust the difficulty of these requirements to better suit the needs of their girls.

Girls must complete 5 out of 7 requirements in order to earn the patch:

1: Create an Emergency Contact sheet and share!
If faced with an emergency, would you have the appropriate phone numbers on hand? During an emergency, would you be likely to have the time to look these numbers up? Be prepared by creating an Emergency Contact sheet containing the telephone numbers of your local fire department, police department, poison control, etc. Have the sheet of emergency telephone numbers available at all times and make sure you know how and when to call 911. Hand this sheet out to at least 5 people in your community so that they may be prepared as well! Make sure your copy of this sheet includes where you keep your emergency kits or supplies in the home or better yet, create a sticker with this information to stick by the phone so it is always available!

2: Figure out a Family Plan!
What if there was an emergency during the day and you were separated from your family? How would you get in touch with each other? Where would you meet? How would you remain in contact? Would you know how to contact your family if the phone lines were down? Sit down with your family and come up with a plan together of just what to do. Make sure your plan includes a safe meeting place and contact person! First determine a place that you will meet if an emergency should occur and you had to leave your home, such as a relative or friend's house, a local school or even a spot in the yard (weather permitting). Next, designate a main contact person! Agree on an out-of-state relative or friend to contact in case of an emergency, so all of your family members have a person to call to let them know they are ok.

3: Create an Emergency Food and Water Supply Kit!
In an emergency, the water pipes in your home may be broken or your water may not be good to drink. If the electricity isn't working, the food you would normally refrigerate could go bad. Experts recommend being prepared with enough food and water supplies to last each person 3 days. They suggest that each person have 2 quarts of water per day for drinking, plus another 2 quarts a day for cooking, brushing your teeth, etc. So that's 4 quarts a day (or a gallon) per person! If you have 4 people in your family, how many gallons of water would you need per day? What about for 3 days? Put together the Emergency Food and Water Supply lists. See below to download the Emergency Food & Water Supply lists. Think about any special needs your family may have and be sure to add the appropriate items!

4: Create a First Aid Emergency Kit!
In case of an emergency, it is important to have the necessary supplies at your fingertips! See below for the check-list to create your very own First Aid Kit. Store this in a case that is easy to transport and waterproof!

5: Plan for Pets!
Should you have to leave your home in an emergency, you will want to have a plan ready for your pet. Will you bring your pet with you? If not, where will you board your pet? Specialized pet shelters, animal control centers, veterinary clinics and friends or relatives out of harms way are all possible places for your pet to stay during an emergency. Prepared a list of boarding facilities, etc. who could shelter your animals in an emergency. Then, complete the downloadable Pet Disaster Supply Kit check-list below.

6: Create a Disaster Supply Tool Kit.
Use the downloadable Disaster Supply Tool Kit check-list below as a guideline. Create this kit in a duffle bag or backpack so it is easy to bring along in case you have to leave your house! Feel free to add any items!

7: Create a Kids Activity Survival Kit!
Have your troop work together to make a Kids Activity Survival Kit and send it to a shelter for those that have been evacuated from their homes. Put it together in an inexpensive backpack so that it's easy to carry! Make sure to include a letter from your troop and well wishes! Some items to put in your kit:

  • crayons or markers
  • coloring book
  • a board game or puzzle
  • a good book
  • drawing tablet or construction paper
  • toys (such as an action figure or stuffed animal)


Downloadable Check-Lists:

Emergency Food & Water Supply Lists

First Aid Emergency Kit List

Pet Disaster Supply Kit Check-List

Disaster Supply Tool Kit Check-List


Patches are available at all Girl Scout Shoppe locations. You may also purchase patches using our secure Online Order Form or through postal mail orders.

To order via postal mail, please send payment per patch to:

Girl Scouts or Suffolk County
Attn: Girl Scout Shoppe
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