Orthodontist Patch

Orthodontist Patch

Vitagliano Orthodontics Patch Program

(Tour will take approximately 1 hour.)

Parts 1 & 2:

  • Girls will observe a digital animation and discuss the role of the orthodontist, functional orthodontics, and importance of dental hygiene. 
  • Girls will talk about and explore disclosing tablets. 

Part 3:

  • Girl will pair off and act as each other’s “orthodontist.”
  • Girls will use different appliance patient models as hands-on examples.
  • Girls will receive a hand out of their “Patient Charts.” Charts will have labels to place their patient’s name.
  • Girls will have the opportunity to use the chairs and overhead lights.
  • Using gloves, masks and mouth mirrors, girls will:
    • Review patient’s dental hygiene
    • Count and mark off the baby and adult teeth on the Tooth Tracker sheets
    • Diagnose patient’s bite and make recommendations for orthodontic treatment.
    • Girls will also review the lab technicians’ role, learn to mix alginate molds and see how they set. 

Part 4:

  • Once the girls have completed their charts, they will receive their Jr. Orthodontist certificates and health hygiene patches. 
  • Q&A Session
  • Receive the patch! 

Tours are available at the West Islip Office location. For further information and to schedule a tour, contact Elisa at (631) 661-3025

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