GSSC Trainings

Many opportunities are offered for volunteers through GSSC’s Training courses. Many of these courses are mandatory for both new and veteran leaders. Following is a brief description of some of the Training courses and how they will help you as you begin or continue your tenure in Girl Scouts.

Download Training Schedule - Sep.-Dec. 2015

(Last Updated: 09/02/2015)


In order to provide the proper space, materials and trainers, it is imperative that you register online for any training you are planning on attending.

How do I become a Girl Scout leader or volunteer?

• Send an email expressing your interest in becoming a leader. You will then be contacted by a staff member on how to complete the online application, submit references, and complete a background check prior to your appointment.

• Once your background check and references are cleared, your information will be sent to your local Service Unit. You will then be appointed as a leader by the local Service Unit Coordinator. Note: Girl Scout volunteers may be appointed by either the Service Unit or Girl Scouts of Suffolk County council.

Which trainings are required for new leaders?

• New leaders and co-leaders are required to complete Orientation training prior to working with a troop.

• Journey to the GSLE (by level) must be completed prior to or within 3 months of working with a troop. When bridging to the next level, or moving to a different level, please register for the Journey to the GSLE for the level you will be working with.

GS 101

Visit and click on "GS101" for an interactive view of Girl Scouts! Enter the requested information and select "SUFFOLK COUNTY" in the council section. This training is available in both English and Spanish and is required for all volunteers new to GSSC and recommended for all established volunteers.

If you have any questions or would like more information about trainings, please call (631) 472-1625 or e-mail