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Academy of Innovation

The Academy of Innovation is a one-of-a-kind multi-year program for girls 13-15 that provides exciting and unique opportunities in the world of STEM. Members of this prestigious Academy:

  • Participate in exciting hands-on workshops and activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM);
  • Present their discoveries to and mentor younger Girl Scouts at programs throughout the year.
  • Take excursions for behind-the-scenes experiences at a host of venues, such as Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center, local radio stations, and more.
  • Meet experts in the field and explore STEM-related career paths.
  • Tell their story and share their experiences with the community through speaking engagements, media events, videos, and social networking.


Application Process

The Academy considers for admission registered Girl Scouts between the ages of 13-15. Each Academy class is limited to 24 students.


Graduation Requirements

  • The following is mandatory for all Academy students:
  • Complete CIT or Program Aide Training, as appropriate;
  • Present STEM activities to younger Girl Scouts on at least three occasions, at least one being a GSSC-sponsored program, such as Summer Camp or Camp Adventure;
  • Attend behind-the-scenes excursions to explore STEM-related activities;
  • Design and implement a STEM project;
  • Additional requirements as presented.