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NEW! Earlier check in! Electronic ticketing! More activities! More stores!

Date: January 19-20, 2018 (Inclement weather date: Feb. 2-3)
Bag Drop Off: 6-9PM
Event Check in: 9:15PM, inside mall at Center Court
Place: Smith Haven Mall, 313 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove
Cost: $15/person SOLD OUT
Includes Cookie Palooza event patch, all Girl Scout activities, access to private shopping experience and overnight stay at mall. TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Our activities include:
  • Girl Scout Cookie Rally
  • Sea Turtle Safety Scavenger Hunt
  • Cookie Character Meet & Greet
  • Mermaid Hand Painting
  • A Recyclable Cookie Box Fashion Show
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • SWAPs and so much more!

Check back for more!

Store List

Stores open from 9:30PM - 1AM during event, unless noted. Store policy and offers may change. Please check back for up to date information.

  • Banana Republic - Extra 10% Off
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop - Meet Bearemy, the Mascot!
  • Claire's - Receive 20% off all additional items when you get your ears pierced (excludes the ear piercing and gift cards)
  • H&M - BOGO FREE on All Sale Items
  • Icing - Buy 3 items, get 3 items for FREE. Also follow Icing on instagram and Save 10%.
  • Justice
  • L.L. Bean - Hosting 15 minute clinics & everyone who makes a purchase will receive a raffle ticket for an awesome prize! (TBD)
  • lululemon
  • Sbarro (Open until 12:30AM)

& More Stores to Come!

Are you a manager of a store inside the Smith Haven Mall and want to be a part of our AMAZING event? Email us at

  1. How much does the event cost?
    Tickets to Cookie Palooza are $15 each, which includes the Cookie Palooza event patch, all Girl Scout activities, access to a private shopping experience and overnight stay at the mall. Tickets are non-refundable.
  2. Where should I park? 
    Attendees should park in the parking lot behind Macy's Furniture Gallery.
  3. Where should I enter the mall?  
    Attendees should use the entrance near Lifestyle Village.
  4. When and where can I drop off my overnight bag?
    Attendees must drop off their overnight bags (no valuables please) between 6-9pm at the designated bag drop off. 
  5. When and where do I check in for the event?  
    Event check in is at 9:15pm at Center Court inside the mall. 

  6. Which activities will be at this event?
    Besides shopping, there will be lots of awesome Girl Scout activities!  Please check our website periodically for store and activity updates.  Store and activity listings are subject to change.
  7. What time does the event end?  Attendees must exit the mall by 6:45am.
  8. Which activities will be at this event?
    Besides shopping, there will be lots of awesome Girl Scout activities!  Please check our website periodically for store and activity updates.  Store and activity listings are subject to change.
  9. Should I bring additional funds to purchase items?
    Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring additional funds if they wish to shop at the mall stores, food court and GSSC Shoppe.
  10. What will happen in the case of inclement weather?
    This event will run rain or shine, light snow, etc.  In the case of severe weather, GSSC will post event updates on website and Facebook.  The event will then take place on the inclement weather date of Friday, February 2, 2018.
  11. Who is this event open to?
    This event is open to Girl Scouts of all levels, Girl Scout Leaders and additional chaperones. Please note: each Daisy that attends requires an adult chaperone. Brownie level and up require appropriate adult coverage.  
  12. Do adult chaperones need to be Registered Girl Scout Adult to attend this event?
    As per Volunteer Essentials, volunteers who are serving as ‘troop coverage’ for a scheduled event must be registered and complete the required background check. Parents who are driving troop members, other than their own daughter, to and from a troop event, must be registered and complete the required background check.
  13. Can tag-a-longs attend this event?
    This event is for adults and registered Girl Scouts only. Tag-a-longs cannot be accommodated.
  14. Are boys or men allowed at this event?
    This event is for girls only; we are unable to accommodate boys.  If a male parent or guardian would like to attend, they must sleep in an area designated for men only.
  15. Is there a limit to the number of event attendees?
    Yes, there are a limited number of tickets that will be sold to this event.  Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  16. What if I don’t want to sleep over?  Can I still come to the event?  
    Yes! For those that do not want to sleep over, they are welcome to still come to the event. Those who are not sleeping over may leave anytime, but MUST checkout by 1:30am at the designated exit, which is located at Lifestyle Village. It is the responsibility of the adult chaperone at the event to ensure that any children being picked up are released to an approved adult. 
  17. If I am not sleeping over, is there a reduced price?
    All attendees pay the same price, regardless if they are sleeping over or not.
  18. What stores will be open at the event?
    Please check back periodically to our website for store and activity updates.  Please note: Store and activity listings are subject to change.
  19. How late will the stores be open?
    Select stores and food court options will remain open until 1am!
  20. What should we bring?
    Attendees are encouraged to wear their pajamas/sleepwear to the event to eliminate the need to change clothing and limit personal belongings.  Attendees should bring basic toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste), a pillow, sleeping bag and/or blanket.  Yoga mats are encouraged to go under sleeping bags for added comfort.  Air mattresses are acceptable, but outlets may be limited.  Fold up chairs are acceptable.  Remember, less is more at Cookie Palooza!   Please group belongings in a large tote or tie them together with a bright ribbon and have them marked with your troop number.
  21. Can we bring food to the event?
    Yes, you may bring a small amount of snacks and drinks to the event, but no coolers. Outside food deliveries cannot be accommodated. Girl Scout cookie samples will be available, and the food court will be open with items available for purchase.
  22. How will the sleeping arrangements be assigned?  Can we request to be with a certain troop?
    Because we will be accommodating Girl Scouts of all levels, each level will be assigned a section of the mall.  After the conclusion of the Cookie Rally, you will be able to set up a section for your troop.
  23. Should we bring SWAPS to the event?
    Yes!  There will be opportunities to make and trade SWAPS with other Girl Scouts.
  24. Can I volunteer at the event?
    We will be accepting a limited number of Cadette, Senior, Ambassador and adult volunteers.  For more information on volunteering at Cookie-Palooza, please contact
  25. What am I NOT permitted to bring to this event?
    Girl Scouts of Suffolk County does not permit the following items: alcohol and drugs, tobacco, personal sports equipment, animals or weapons of any kind. Girl Scouts of Suffolk County is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  26. What if my child will need medication administered at the event?
    If your child requires medication to be administered at the event, please refer to the Girl Health History form and speak to your Girl Scout Troop Leader.
  27. Will there be an outdoor smoking area?
    In order to keep this a secure event for all participants, we will not be able to accommodate an outdoor smoking section.