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Earn These Amazing Rewards!

Rewards are Cumulative

Nut Item = 1 Unit / Magazine Subscription = 2 Units 

Initial Sale

September 15 to October 20

  • Goal Getter Patch
    Sell 25 Initial Units

  • Compass Necklace
    Sell 35 Initial Units

  • Themed T-shirt
    Sell 50 Initial Units



a. Care to Share Patch - 6 Units Donated
b. Moose Patch - Sell 15+ Units 
c. Go Beyond Patch - Sell 30+ Units
d. Soar Above Patch - Send 15+ Emails 
e. Visualize Patch - Upload your Avatar’s Voice

You can earn other patches for Booth Sales too!

Personalized Avatar Patch

NEW! Choose a travel destination for your Me2 and whether she wears a Girl Scout uniform or a Girl Scout t-shirt!

Earn the Fall Personalized Avatar Patch by:

  1. Creating your Me2 avatar,
  2. Send out 15 emails for Fall
  3. Sell $350 in total Fall items (Nuts & Magazines)

PLUS, You can earn the Cookie Crossover Patch by selling 150 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies during the 2019 Cookie Program.


Small Moose Plush
Sell 55+ Units

Large Moose Plush OR Beach Towel
Sell 85+ Units

Mermaid Zipper Pouch, PomPom Keychain (asstd. colors), Pompom Pen & Camper Doodle Book
OR Message Marquee Board

Sell 110+ Units


Duffel Bag, Travel Bag, Hairbrush, Hair Ties & Luggage Tag

Sell 150+ Units

Any girl that sells 150+ items will be invited to party with us at our Super Seller Snowball Social at the Juliette Lowe Friendship Center’s Hall of Trees on November 30, 2018.

Week at Girl Scout Day Summer Camp
Sell 200+ Units

Special Troop Bonus
If your troop averages 40 items per registered girl, the troop will receive a movie certificate for each girl plus 2 adult passes.