Camp Sobaco

Camp Sobaco's STEM Camp and Discovery World STEM Center is for both girls and boys entering grades 1 - 6. It is located on 42 acres of Pine Barrens on the banks of the Carman's River, features a state-of-the-art STEM Center, offers an exciting field trip every week, and is perfect for siblings to attend together. A typical day runs from 9AM to 4:30PM

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Exciting Activities

Those at our STEM Camp get exclusive access to our Discovery World STEM Center and go off site for a special field trip each week. Timeless camp activities complete the experience that includes:

STEM Programs at Discovery World
We'll show you why Science is Fun and Technology is Cool

STEM Field Trips Every Week
Trips and activities are subject to change

Swimming. Everyone loves our on-site pool.

Ga-Ga and other Sports & Games

Arts & Crafts. We're artsy and proud of it.

Hiking & Nature Activities
Woodland trails on the one-of-a-kind ecology that exist only in the riverside environment of the Pine Barrens.

Mini-Golf Course

Optional Programs

Archery - $75/4 Day Session / Grades 2+
The basics, precision, target practice. New patch each week.

Wranglers - $150/4 Day Session
Horseback Riding for beginners. New patch each week.

Weekly Themes - 2015

Week 1: June 29 - July 2
Wild Things –
Town of Brookhaven Wildlife Ecology Center

Get ready for a wild adventure! Discover what’s walkin’ in the woodlands, learn about dinosaurs, take a trip to the Town of Brookhaven Wildlife Ecology Center.

Week 2: July 6 - 10
Eureka! – LI Children’s Museum
Take a journey to discovery! Learn how magnets work, engineer an “Oreo Test,” visit the LI Children’s Museum, and engineer then run a marble race.

Week 3: July 13 - 17
Score – Trip to Madison Square Garden

Learn about how muscles develop and work, piece together a skeleton, and more!

Week 4: July 20 - 24
Kitchen Chemistry – Garden of Eve Farms

Ever think about how much chemistry is in your kitchen? Learn to power electricity with a lemon, get ready for a super soda soak, create baking sheet art and go on an off-site farm adventure!

Week 5: July 27 - 31
Wings and Things – Cradle of Aviation Museum

Birds, butterflies and…airplanes?? Learn about wings of all kinds—design a bird feeder, learn about butterflies in flight, take a trip the Cradle of Aviation Museum, and make a DYI flight design!

Week 6: August 3 - 7
BOOM! – Boomers!

Get ready to have a blast! Take a trip to Boomers, learn hands-on about inertia have some foaming fun, and don’t miss the Elephant Toothpaste Party!

Week 7: August 10 - 14
Explorer Days – LI Aquarium

Explore your world! Take a trip to the LI Aquarium, play interactive games to hone your map skills, learn to read natural trail signs, and more!

Week 8: August 17 - 21
Space Invaders – LI Planetarium

Get ready for a week that’s outta this world! Explore the nanos of Earth, take a trip to the Vanderbilt Planetarium, experiment with the properties of air, and design a celestial transportation maker space.

Week 9: August 24 - 28
Twisters & Other Weather Wonders –
LI Children's Museum

Explore the weird wonders of weather! Become a weather detective, make a cloud in a jar, take a trip to the LI Children's Museum, experiment with tornadoes and get the down-low on lightening!

Week 10: August 31 - September 4
Get the Dirt on Earth –
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Explore the cool science of earth!  Engineer a plant maze, take a trip to Brookhaven National Laboratory, harvest seeds, engineer a fairy house, and design a bio-degradable planter!

Drop-Off Instructions
Please drop-off your child at the entrance of the Discovery World STEM Center by 9AM and pick-up by 4:30PM each day. It is important that you check-in and check-out your child each day. Children will only be released to those indicated on your registration and must show id for verification. No exceptions because your child's safety and well-being is our top priority.

Optional Amenities
Bus Transportation - $40 per week


Contact camp at or call 631.472.1625