All Leaders and Co-Leaders are required to attend Journey to GSLE for their level(s) prior to or within 3 months of starting their troop or bridging to the next level. Multi-Level Leaders must take Journey to GSLE for each level they are working with.  This course is given by LEVEL; you can only attend one level training during each session.

Girl Scout Leadership Experience Objectives:

  • How to implement the components of the GSLE: DISCOVER, CONNECT
  • Looking at the Leadership Outcomes and how they will benefit our girls
  • Understand that levels’ Journeys (“It’s Your World – Change it”; “It’s Your Planet, Love It”; and “It’s Your Story – Tell It”)
  • How to implement the Girl Scout Processes- Girl Led, Cooperative Learning and Learning by Doing- with Journeys, Badges and Skill Builders
  • An overview of the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting for that level and the Skill Builder Badges
  • Girl Scout songs, games and ceremonies
  • How to combined Journeys, Badges, Skill Builders
  • Trips—appropriate for each level
  • Troop Finances
  • Requirements for Bridging
  • Junior will receive information on the requirements of the Bronze Award and Mentoring Awards
  • Cadette will receive information on the requirements of the Silver Award and Mentoring Awards
  • Senior/Ambassadors will receive information on the pre-requisites of the Gold Award, information on the Mentoring Awards; Gold Award -specific requirements are covered in the "Go For Gold" training

If you have any questions or would like more information about trainings,
please call (631) 472-1625 or email