Girl Scouts Love Green!

In earning this patch, girls and leaders work together! When you complete this program, the girls in the troop receive the Girl Scouts Love Green patch for FREE!

When you complete Part I of the program, we will send you your patch.
Girls are expected to complete the other requirements on their own or as part of a troop project.

Part I: Use fewer Trees, Please! Trees supply us with oxygen, food, shade, shelter and paper. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, paper accounts for almost 40% of waste.

Getting connected electronically helps the environment, saves trees, and gets information to you more quickly.

To complete Part I for the "Girl Scouts Love Green" Patch, and receive your free patch,
the troop leaders(s) must sign up for any 2 of the 4 electronic media below:

After you sign-up for two, send an e-mail to with the following information: name, postal mailing address, troop number, and number of patches.

Part II: Learn the Lingo! Define 5 words below and give an example of how each affects our planet:

Recycle • Reduce • Reuse • Compost Pile • Pollution • Erosion • Acid Rain • Pesticides
Greenhouse Effect • Global Warming • Biodegradable • Landfill • Litter • Illegal Dumping • Photosynthesis

Part III: We took the 10 best tips from troops all over Suffolk County to put into this patch program. Complete 3 of the activities listed below!

  1. Work with an adult to organize a community or beach cleanup.
  2. Work together to build a new garden area and fill it with plants and flowers.
  3. Write a story, song or poem about the environment and why it is important.
  4. Work with your family to make a compost pile in your yard.
  5. Find a way to turn something old into something new, such as making a quilt out of old tee shirts or a bird feeder out of toilet paper rolls.
  6. Create a program to inform others about the benefits of recycling.
  7. Decorate and donate recycling bins to a local school.
  8. Take part in an environmental event or club.
  9. Set-up a recycling center in a facility that does not already have one, such as a senior center or children's day care center.
  10. Petition schools and/or organizations to make an environmental change for the better: exchange disposable trays for reusable ones, start an environmental club, etc.

Part IV: Go Green at Home! Then make a family pledge to curb wasteful behavior with 3 of the activities below:

  1. Water Waste no More! Take notice of your water habits in the home. With your family, clock your typical water usage and make it a goal to cut it in half.
  2. Take Care of that Thermostat! Test out 5 ways to either warm up or cool down without your thermostat. For instance, cocoa warms you from the inside out and iced tea will cool you down.
  3. Trim Down on Transportation! Every Sunday, put together a list of things that you and your family need to accomplish in the upcoming week and see what car trips can be combined or even skipped. Start by making it your goal to cut down on 1 car trip a week and see if you can get up to 3.
  4. Ease up on Electricity! Create your own energy reduction reminder: come up with a design that will serve as a reminder to turn off lights or TV, and hang it in a prominent place.
  5. Make the Packaging Promise! When buying snacks or cereal, bulk is the way to go. Examine the contents of your refrigerator and cabinets and pick up 5 items to slim down on packaging.